Topwater "Belly Lure Yellow L"

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Often predatory fish attack floats, bombarda floats, and buldo fishing floats. The Realwobbler Belly Lures have been created with the aim of making these attacks successful. Their swimming action imitates the movement of mice, frogs, and bugs on the water’s surface. Specific waves are formed by their movements, similar to those of different small organisms swimming on the water’s surface. It’s exactly this swimming action that fires up predatory fish and makes them attack.

The surface Belly Lures Slim L are highly effective for night fishing in saltwater for striped bass, sea bass, bluefish, barracuda, dolphin fish, as well as in freshwater for catfish, pike, asp, largemouth bass, and other predatory fish species.

As all Belly Lures are handmade, there are slight differences in their sizes and shapes.

Their features are as follows:

Bodies: durable poplar wood.

Lacquer coverage: 2-step varnish applying 2 coats of lacquer on each step.

Body length: 9.8 - 10.2 cm / 3.86 - 4.02".

Circumference of the widest part: aprox. 9 cm / 3.54".

Weight: 20 g / 0.71 Oz.


1 hook.

Price: 25.95 EUR

Ref.: 00187

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Best performance can be achieved with long dragging of the bait on the water without any movement alternating with very light twitches of the rod tip (see video below).

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