Popper with Nase Fish Skin

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The exclusive ultra-high quality Poppers are top water lures hand-made from durable poplar wood,  covered by real fish skin from various fish species, hand-painted with a brush, and with solid lacquer coverage (3 step varnish applying 3 coats of lacquer on each step).They are perfect for fishing in the warm season, when predatory fish attack on the water’s surface. Their effectiveness is extremely high during day and night.

Their realistic appearance and natural sound when coming into contact with the water, and splashing while moving, imitates to perfection a fish jumping out of the water when it is being chased. This makes predatory fish think that there is delicious meal swimming nearby. Thus, they will be unable to resist striking the lure at the very instant they feel its movements or hear them.

These surface lures are highly effective for the catching of pike, catfish, black bass, barracuda, and other predatory fish in fresh- and saltwater.


Size: 12 cm / 4.72".
Weight: 30 g / 1.06 Oz.
Skin: Nase fish.

Body: Durable poplar wood.

This lure is designed with а swivel for the hook in the middle, which helps with avoiding any unwilling unhooking of the fish during the fight.

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