Characteristics of Realwobbler Fishing Lures and Their Benefits for Your Fishing

For More Effective Fishing, The Realwobbler Hard Bait Lures are 100% Handcrafted

Realwobbler Hard Bait Lures are handmade in the most precise manner possible, applying our experience of over 17 years in their production. By buying one of these lures, you are going to obtain a unique and a one of a kind masterpiece. Each lure carries the signature of its creator, Tsvetomir.

Furthermore, due to the fact that the fishing lures are 100% handmade, the quantity of their production is extremely limited.

Now, let's take a look at the characteristics of the Realwobbler fishing lures and the benefits they bring to your fishing.

First of all, they are extremely DURABLE.

     - For better durability, Realwobbler is the pioneer in offering hard baits with wooden lips. They are created from durable wood (oak), adjusted manually, and perfectly hooked into the body. Their durability makes these hard bait lures appropriate for the catching of trophy fishes and resistant to the fishes’ strikes.

     - The bodies are created from resistant high-quality woods - pine and poplar.

     - The protection layer of lacquer is very solid and it provides excellent resistance against fishing bites from fish with teeth, as well as friction with the hooks.

    - The real fish skin consists of scales that are overlapping and form a net. This feature provides physical protection for the fish's body. When fish skin is used to cover these hard baits, combined with thick lacquer coverage, great results are achieved and the resistance of the hard baits against fishing bites and friction with the hooks is unsurpassable.

     - The wires are made of stainless steel that make the Realwobbler fishing lures appropriate for fishing in fresh and salt water.

Secondly, the Realwobbler hard baits provide REALISTIC SWIMMING ACTION.

     - They distinguish themselves by their lightness - when they come into contact with the water, they make a realistic vibration and perfectly imitate the swimming action of a real fish. This inevitably attracts predatory fishes. To guarantee these vibrations and swimming action, we test each fishing lure in the river, under the influence of the natural water and environment.

    - The cover of real fish skin helps to make every cast well-balanced and unidirectional.

Thirdly, the Realwobbler lures have a very REALISTIC APPEARANCE.

     - Due to the innovative cover of real fish skin with preserved scales, these handmade Realwobbler fishing lures have a more realistic appearance than any other lure today.

      - During night fishing, the natural fish skin cover reflects even the slightest light, which is an excellent effect that leads to extraordinary results.

     - The wooden lips make the bait look like a small fish wearing an object in its mouth, which catches the attention of predatory fish and makes them attack, as they think the prey is clumsy, moving slowly and easier to catch.

As a result of all these characteristics of durability, realistic swimming action, and realistic appearance, the handmade Realwobbler fishing lures have an enormous benefit of a REAL EFFECT, which is their ability to CATCH PREDATORY FISHES. We have extensively tested and found that they are at least 10 to 12 times more effective than other fishing lures. This makes them the most appropriate lures for fishing tournaments, to stand out among your fishing buddies, or just to increase your catches and improve your overall fishing experience. These lures will inevitably give you major satisfaction during and after your fishing, and will help to increase your self-esteem as a fisherman/ woman.

In addition, the Realwobbler baits are offered in beautifully customized wooden boxes, which make them the perfect gift for your loved ones who are passionate about Spinning and Trolling fishing… or even a gift for yourself!

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