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The effective Realwobbler Poppers are top water lures, handmade from durable poplar wood and hand-painted with aerograph. They are perfect for fishing in the spring and summer season, when predatory fish feed on the water’s surface. Their effectiveness is extremely high independent of whether you use them for day or night fishing.

The surface Popper lures are effective for largemouth bass fishing, for pike, perch, catfish, asp fish, barracuda and other predatory fish in fresh- and saltwater.

As all lures are handmade, there are differences in their sizes, shapes, and decorations. Their features are as follows:

Bodies: from durable poplar wood.

Size: 5.5 - 7 cm / 2.17" - 2.76".

Cup diameter: 2 - 2.6 cm / 0.79" - 1.02".

Weight: 9 - 15 g / 0.32 - 0.53 Oz.


2 hooks.

Price: 20.95 EUR

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The technique to use when retrieving a popper is to ‘bloop’ it across the surface. Depending on the size of the lure you can make either small twitches for small poppers, or increase the action of the rod incrementally if using larger poppers.

However, you can experiment with different retrieving techniques and always aim to get the maximum result from the lure.

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