Wooden Jerkbaits Retro "Perch Yellow"

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Handmade wooden jerkbaits with perch pattern for effective fishing. Their bright, yellow colour will help you achieve good results even when fishing in low light conditions or in murky waters.

Best to catch wels catfish, pike, zander/ walleye, asp, large- and smallmouth bass, perch and other predatory fish species in freshwater.


Bodies: durable poplar wood.

Lacquer coat: 2-step varnish applying 2 coats of lacquer on each step.

Size: 7.6 cm / 2.99".

Weight: 23 g / 0.81 Oz.

Different sizes are available or can be made under request!


Price: 23.95 EUR/ 46.70 BGN

27.00 USD .

To order please contact us and send us the links or the reference number (s. below) to the lures you would like to order!

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Catching a nice catfish on this jerkbait model Retro Perch Yellow in the summer of 2020:

Fishing for wels catfish with the Realwobbler Retro Perch jerkbait in the fall of 2018:


Velizar Metodiev (Svilengrad, Bulgaria) caught two pikes in the first day of the new fishing season while testing the new Realwobbler Jerkbait "Retro".

May, 1st, 2017.

Pikes on a Jerkbait Retro

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