Best Gift for Fishermen - Handmade Lure Set 3

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If you are looking for an interesting gift for fisherman for Christmas, Birthday, New Year, Father's Day, Valentine's Day or Anniversary, this lure gift box is a perfect choice for you. The handmade and effective Realwobbler lures are offered in a nice gift box! They will make a big surprise for your loved person. When he puts them in action, he will be even happier, because he will catch plenty of fish and will have a lot of fun.

Gift box content:

1. Realwobbler Retro Perch Yellow crankbait 8 cm/ 3.15", 14 g/ 0.49 oz., 0.5 m/ 1.5 ', floating.

2. Innovative topwater Belly lure Frog slim, 5 cm/ 1.97", 6 g/ 0.21 Oz.

3. Treble hooks for both lures.

The lures are very effective to catch bass, pike, asp, chub and many other fish species in fresh water. The innovative surface Belly lure was created by us in 2015. Its swimming action imitates the movement of frogs, mice, bugs on the water’s surface. Specific waves are formed, which fire up predatory fish. See it in action for bass!

Get a really special present for your loved fisherman or for yourself that is not sold in the shops! A huge surprise is guaranteed!

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