8 Benefits of Fishing to Your Health and Well-being

8 Benefits of Fishing to Your Health and Well-being

8 Benefits of Fishing to Your Health and Well-being

Fishing is more than a hobby. Here are a few possible reasons why fishing makes you feel good, improves your health and means so much to you:

1. Physical Exercise

Depending on where your fishing spot is located, there might be physical activity involved, such as hiking, biking or paddling until you reach it. Exercise helps you feel good and be healthier.


2. Healthier Lungs and Skin

While you are outdoors in the nature, you breathe fresh air, which is good for your lungs, mind and whole body. In addition, under the sun, your body and skin will receive a vitamin D, which is good for healthy bones, muscles and skin. What you need to avoid though are peak sun intensity hours.


3. Benefits for the mind

While fishing, you can relax and enjoy the surrounding nature, without the hassle of the city. That's the reason, why people suffering from burns out, are recommended go fishing.

This very quality has also made fishing a popular therapeutic exercise used by US counselors and therapists who work with veterans, people with chronic illnesses, and others who have experienced trauma in their lives. Fishing benefits them, as it provides emotional, psychological, and physical rehabilitation.

4. Sharpening your senses

Focusing on an object near and far is a good eye exercise.

As you will need to focus on the lure: a crankbait, topwater lure, or a pose, near and further into the water, unconsciously your eyes will get exercised.

Staying in the nature helps you develop your intuition and natural instincts. Spending some time away from the noise of the city, has also benefits for your hearing. Those benefits are even bigger if you fish in the night. You will be alert to any noise: a fish chasing, other person (onshore fishing) or even birds and animals, which will boost your hearing.


5. Helps you develop critical thinking and creativity

Fish attacking the lureOnce you locate a fish you will need to develop a strategy on how to catch it: which lure to choose, where and when to cast, which will help you develop your critical thinking and creativity. This is always a benefit and can be applied to situations in life that call for analysis and planning.


6. Cultivates patience

As you will need to wait for hours or even days to catch a fish, you will be "forced" to develop patience. This will be of great benefit for you, as you need a good dose of patience in order to achieve things in life and have good relationships.

7. Fishing makes you happier

When the fish strikes, you experience a sudden burst of adrenaline through the body, which releases a massive amount of endorphins. The endorphins are happiness hormones and anything that’s wrong or stressful in your life goes away in a matter of seconds when you catch that fish. Therefore, once you experience this thrill, you will want to experience it again, and again - probably for a lifetime.


8. Self-fulfillment

Fishing has a way of fulfilling an age-old need of pursuing and catching. In man's beginning, the best hunter was the leader. That's the reason why you always strive to catch more fish and bigger ones than your fishing fellows - this way you boost your self-esteem and feel self-fulfilled.

Big Asp

Fishing allows you to explore your natural world, restore your natural instincts, and stay active well into old age. It is a calming, exciting and enjoyable activity that brings great benefits to your health, well-being and has the power to transform your outlook on life.

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