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Slavi´s Catfish Pictures on Retro Fire Cat CrankbaitSlavi Aleksiev from Pomorie, Bulgaria, sent us pictures and short clips of his fishing trip. He caught two catfish on the Retro Fire Cat lure. Here's what he shared with us:

"On my first trolling trip this season at the dam "Studen kladenec" a catfish got caught on the retro fire cat crankbait. A second catch of catfish followed on the same lure. The lure dives well; it has a strong vibration. Next time, I hope to catch a bigger one. Also before that, I caught a pike on the retro silver jerkbait on the first cast. "

June, 2020

See his short clip

Georgi Atanasov (Pleven, Bulgaria) had an excellent and somewhat unusual catch on the Realwobbler Retro Silver crankbait. That's what he told us:

"The silver crankbait catches them the most! First I caught a carp on it, then a catfish. Yanko made a video. On another outing for about an hour and a half I caught two catfish on the same lure. I have luck and with a good lure fishing is successful. The silver crankbait is perfect for the spots where I fish and can't use any deeper-diving lures."

June, 2019

Catfish and Carp that Georgi caught on his Retro Silver Crankbait

Georgi Gospodinov and Nikolay Kolev from Harmanli, Bulgaria, caught a nice asp and pikes on the Realwobbler Retro Perch Jerkbait and Retro Fire Cat Crankbait. Here is what they shared with us:

"We went to our favourite lake with pikes. We were three persons fishing. On the jerkbait we caught 6-8 pikes, on the crankbait - 4. We got 6 pikes on other lures, but yours were definitely the most successful ones. The swimming action of the jerkbait is awesome. Besides, we were very surprised that the crankbait can be casted such a long distance, in spite of its lightness. At the beginning we were sceptical, because we usually use larger lures and were wondering if we will catch anything at all. But finally, we were very happy about the result."

May, 2019

Asp and Pikes on the handmade Retro Lures

Here is a video that Georgi and Nikolay sent us:

Hristoz Iliev from Svilengrad, Bulgaria, caught a nice asp and a chub on a Realwobbler Retro Fire Cat crankbait. Here's what he told about his outing:

"For two hours of fishing, I was very pleased with Realwobbler Retro Fire Cat and I will trust it again. I caught an asp that attacked the lure immediately. Then I got another bite but the fish was not well hooked and it came off. Finally I caught a chub of a good size."

April, 2019

Hristoz with a nice asp caught on Realwobbler Retro Fire Cat

A few days ago Yana from Svilengrad, Bulgaria, sent us pictures of a nice pikeperch/ walleye that she caught on a Realwobbler Retro Fire Cat crankbait. Here is what she told us about her fishing outing:

"First fish of the season.. first outing with Tsetso's lure... first strike... on the 15th minute I caught this beautiful pikeperch. Great emotion, big fun...Good for Tsetso... he is a master...there are no two opinions about it. 10-15 minutes and it bit."

February, 2019

Yana with a walleye on a Realwobbler Retro Fire Cat lure

New Personal Best record for our friend and client Iliyan Tenchev , Ljubimetz, Bulgaria. Here is what he shared with us about his big fishing success:

"I caught a walleye of 6 kg (13.2 lbs) on a Realwobbler Retro Red Head crankbait. It bit a few minutes before it got dark. It pulled really strong. I also had a second bite; it shook twice and it came off. I suppose that it was another walleye. I'm really happy; big joy! I improved my PB for this species!"

November, 2018

Walleye/ Pikeperch 6 kg on Realwobbler Retro Red Head Crankbait

You can see a short video of his catch here!

Shortly after that Iliyan sent us pictures of another walleye that he caught on a Realwobbler Retro Red Head crankbait.  The lucky fisherman shared with us the following about his fishing experience:

"Two days after I caught the walleye of 6 kg/ 13.2 lbs, I went back to the same spot on the river and caught another one of the same size. They really like the Realwobbler red head crankbaits. I let the lure dive deep. The lip was hitting the bottom. As soon as I got home, I weighed the fish; it was 5.800 kg/ 12.75 lbs. "

Big Walleye/ Pikeperch caught on a Realwobbler Retro Red Head Crankbait

Jai Saetern, Sacramento, USA, caught very nice stripers on a Realwobbler Retro Red Head crankbait. Here is what he shared about his fishing experience:

"On the way home we decided to catch striped bass for dinner. This custom wood lure from @realwobbler is a striper candy, I limit out in 10 minutes!"

October, 2018

Striped Bass on Realwobbler Retro Red Head Crankbait

Georgi Georgiev from Lyubimets, Bulgaria, sent us pictures of a nice walleye that he caught on crankbait Realwobbler Fat M with common roach skin. Here's what he said about his fishing experience with the Realwobbler lure:

"I bought Realwobbler crankbaits three days ago. Yesterday, for the first time, I used one wobbler with fish skin, and to my surprise, a big catfish attacked it twice. The second time the wobbler fell right next to the catfish and there was a big blow up. I needed a bit more luck to catch it. Finally, a walleye bit. It was a lot of fun. I'm really fascinated by the lure."

October, 2018

Walleye on a Realwobbler Fat M crankbait

Georgi Atanasov from Kazanlak, Bulgaria, sent us pictures of a nice asp with weight 3 kg/ 6.6 lbs and size 67 cm/ 26" that he caught in the Danube River on the Retro Silver crankbait. Here is his story about what happened:

"I was fishing with my cousin on the Danube River. We went to our less well-known place but we still had results there! At dusk I caught just a pike of 0'400 g/ 14 Oz. on the Retro Silver wobbler...

At 7:00 the following morning .. On the second cast between the dropshots themselves there was a powerful strike and a pause for 2-3 seconds. Then the fish sharply swam up the stream and pulled the drag about 5 m/ 16'. It stopped pulling and I began to reel again and it pushed the rod down twice but could not pull the drag again. After about 30 seconds of pulling in my direction it showed up like a shark! First one big fin and then the whole asp! Right upstream! It was very cool!"

September, 2018

Big asp on Realwobbler Retro Silver Crankbait

John Polites, California, sent us pictures and a video of Striped Bass that he caught on a Realwobbler Belly lure. Here is what he shared with us about his fishing experience with the Belly lure:

"Had the most fun today ... came across a Striper Boil not the biggest fish but lots of action as quick as it started ... it was over (lasted about 30 minutes) ... The Striped Bass just couldn't stop Hitting this handmade wooden Realwobbler Belly lure. It really was a lot of fun, fish after fish! Big time fun! on the Calif. Delta"

September, 2018

Striped Bass on Topwater Belly Lure

Less than 2 weeks ago, Iliyan Tenchev (Ljubimetz, Bulgaria) ordered a few Realwobbler lures. Yesterday, he already had his first excellent result on a Realwobbler Belly Lure: an enviable big asp of 4.7 kg/ 10.30 lbs! Here are the pictures of his catch and his opinion about the fishing with the Belly lure:

"A few days ago, I bought a few Realwobbler lures. Today, for the first time, I had time to go fishing at dawn, and here is the result! I caught my first asp ever, which was 4.7 kg/ 10.30 lbs, on a belly lure. With it, I set a new personal record! The hook was so well hooked that I could barely take it out. I strongly recommend the Realwobbler belly lure! The fishing with it is really incredible!"

October, 2017

Big Asp on Topwater Belly Lure

Vitaly Shumeiko from Ukraine caught a wels catfish of 9 kg/ 20 lbs on a Realwobbler Belly lure. Vitaly has been using the Belly lures since last year. Here's what he says about the fishing with them:

"Last year I caught catfish, asps, pikes, and chubs of the Bellies. This summer I had great fun too. A catfish stroke on the Belly lure and it flew at a height of 2 m/ 6.5'. The next day I caught 2 catfish on the Belly: the one was 8 kg/ 18 lbs and other one 2 kg/ 4.5 lbs. And on the following trip I caught this beautiful fellow of 9 kg/ 20 lbs. The hook was so well-anchored that I had a really hard time to pull it out.

I'm very pleased with the Belly lures; the attacks are just spectacular. I even ordered two for a gift to a friend of mine."

August, 2017

Catfish on a Topwater Belly Lure


For a first time a wels catfish (5 kg/ 11 lbs) was caught in a dam on a Realwobbler Belly lure by our customer Borislav Chapkanov (Svilengrad, Bulgaria). Congratulations, Bobi, for this achievement!

Here is what the happy angler said about his fishing experience with this lure:

"The belly lure has an incredible swimming action. I got a few strikes. As I casted, I reeled in 2-3 times and got an attack; at the 4-5th cast the catfish got caught. It's a lot of fun with this belly lure. In a word, it's unique; I'm very pleased with it."

June, 2017

Wels Catfish on Topwater Belly Lure

Our friend and customer Georgi Petrov, Svilengrad, Bulgaria, tested his new Belly lure for pikes. Here is what he said about fishing with it at the end of the day:

"In 4 hours of fishing with the Belly lure I got more strikes than ever. Pikes don't give up until they swallow it. It's very cool! I won't be able to sleep tonight!"

May, 2017

Pike on topwater Belly lure

Velizar Metodiev, Svilengrad, Bulgaria, tested out a Realwobbler Slim XS lure covered by pike skin. Here is his opinion about it:

"The Realwobbler lures are an incredible weapon, even when used by an absolute novice in the spinning fishing like me. The fact that for an hour of fishing I got 5-6 bites speaks for itself about the effectiveness of the Realwobbler lures."

May, 2016

Velizar's Pikes on Realwobbler Skinlure

Velizar's newest catch on a Realwobbler Belly lure: a 2 kg/ 4.4 lbs pike. Here is what he says about his fishing experience with the innovative topwater lure:

"With the Realwobbler Belly lures fishing is possible and successful even on spots where the algae are more than the water!"

November, 2016

Pike on Topwater Belly Lure by Velizar Metodiev

Ivan Petkov, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria, caught a catfish while fishing with us. See the video below. He also informed us about his catches and opinion about fishing with the Realwobbler fish skin crankbaits in the summer of 2016:

"There are no better lures for me than the Realwobbler lures. I'm fishing with them since the beginning of this past summer and they are all with traces of bites from catfish already. They have incredible swimming action and I could catch some catfish on them. Fishing with the Realwobbler lures is unsurpassable pleasure."

October, 2016

Ivan Petkov's Catches and Review Realwobbler Fish Skin Crankbaits

The Finesse Fishing Team, Zurich, Switzerland (YouTube Channel Finesse Fishing) tested the Realwobbler topwater Belly lures. Watch the awesome test video below!

Here is the report about fishing with the topwater wooden Bellies of the team members - Jan Schellenberg, Janik Sonderreger, Talin Engler and Dominic Spichtig:

"We like the Belly lure extremely well. Fishing with it is a lot of fun. Initially we thought: it looks interesting and fun; let's see if it also catches. But at about 10th cast I (Jan) already could catch a pike on it. Also in Sweden we could catch a lot of pikes on the Belly lures.

Meanwhile, the Belly has become first choice for us for our waters. We think that it is a great topwater bait for small ponds, where we mainly fish, and for shallow shore areas of larger water bodies.

We have caught really many  small and mid-size pikes on the Belly. Unfortunately, we lost some that were above 70 cm/ 27". But this shows that also bigger pikes can bite on the Belly lure.

We also managed to catch some perch. The lures that we had (size 4 cm/ 1.57") were a bit too big for them. But they are surely good for big perch. However, if of a smaller size, the Bellies would be perfect baits for our perch here.

All in one, we are quite a fan of the bait, since there is a good bite frequency and  only a few bites are missed bites. Often the pikes swallowed the Belly very deep."

October, 2016

Pikes on Topwater Belly Lures by Finesse Fishing Team

In the summer of 2017, Jan Shellenberg tried out fishing for chubs with a Belly lure "Spider". Here is a video of what happened:

Daniel Roberts, Pennsylvania, USA (YouTube channel Backyard Bassin') tested a Realwobbler Belly lure for largemouth bass. Check out his fishing results and opinion about the lure:

"I enjoyed fishing with the Belly lure; it was fun. I'm into wooden baits for top waters; they do really well especially when it's more like a finesse bite. The water was kind of clear. I'm not as much of a frog fan in a situation like that. I will recommend giving that Realwobbler Belly lure a shot. It is a great topwater bait."

July, 2016

Largemouth Bass on Belly Lure

Kenny Addair, MD, USA, (Instagram Kenny Addair) caught largemouth bass on a topwater Belly lure (May 2016). Here are his short videos:

Rob Blumberg, Franklin, TN USA, (Google+ Rob Blumberg)  tried out fishing with topwater Belly lures. Here are some pictures he sent to us in May 2016, together with his opinion and a short description of his experience with the Bellies: 

"Last night I got into some serious topwater action! They weren't hogs but they were still a blast regardless of size. I probably caught about ten in a hour or less on these awesome hand carved belly lures made by Realwobbler. Definitely a unique topwater bait with great size, shape and action! For sure I'll keep one on me for when the time is right."

Rock Bass on Belly lures

Vasil Atanasov, Svilengrad, Bulgaria, tried out a handmade Realwobbler Fish Skin Slim Crankbait for pikes. Here is a video about his catch as well as his opinion about the lure:

"The first time I fished with a Realwobbler fish skin crankbait I caught my first pike ever. It was an incredible feeling. I can recommend these lures to everyone - even to beginner anglers like me."

Nikolai Dimitrov, Svilengrad, Bulgaria /Nikolai Dimitrov on Facebook/, told us about his fishing adventures with the topwater Belly lures during the summer and autumn 2016:

"Magic Belly lures! I got a lot of strikes, unfortunately only this one got hooked. The pikes are crazy about them. In the summer I even caught an eel on a Belly. It's lure Nr. 1 to me!"

Pike on Topwater Belly Lure by Nikolai Dimitrov