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Fishing Trips in Svilengrad, Bulgaria


You are visiting Bulgaria and you want to go fishing?

Join us on our next fishing trip in the region of Svilengrad! Map Bulgaria-Svilengrad

Svilengrad is situated in the south-eastern part of the country on the boundaries with Greece and Turkey. The town is within about 2.5 hours drive from Sofia, Bourgas and Veliko Tarnovo and ca 1.5 h from Plovdiv.

Fishermen from the whole country are visiting Svilengrad to fish in the lower reaches of the beautiful Maritza river.

Fish with us and get advantage of the following:

- We will take you fishing to our best fishing spots on Maritza river, where the majority of our fishing videos are made, as well as to some dams and canals in the area, depending on season.  We are fishing mainly for wels catfish, asp, pike and chub. If you are targeting another fish species, just let us know and we will inform you about the fishing possibilities of this species here.

- Tsvetomir's fishing expertise and guidance. Realwobbler's lure designer has fishing experience of over 30 years fishing in the region and catching great number of big fish.

- No need to bring your fishing rod; we already dispose on different types of rods suitable for every fishing situation.

- You will be able to use the whole arsenal of the Realwobbler handmade fishing lures.

- If you catch a fish, we can film that and send you the file afterwards. If you wish, we can also share it on our YouTube channel and the other Realwobbler social media channels.

- We can take care of your fishing license in case that you don't have one.

- We will be fishing from the shore, so you will enjoy affordable rates.

- We can also reserve an accommodation for you, so that you won't need to care about anything but fishing once you arrive here in Svilengrad.

Tsvetmir with Some of his Catches

To book a fishing trip, please contact us and let us know:

- Which fish species you will be targeting;

- What is your foreseen arrival date and stay duration;

- How many persons you are going to be;

- Do want us to take care about your accommodation;

- Do you dispose on a car for the trip/s.

Then we will send you our offer.

Please note, that as it is with fishing, the outcome varies. 

Fishing success depends on weather, conditions and fish behavior at that moment.

Thus we cannot guarantee that you catch a fish. However, we will do whatever is in our hands to make this happen and help you create incredible memory fishing in Svilengrad!

Customer Service

Once you purchase any of our lures you become part of the Realwobbler Family. We will support you with any advice that you need, whenever you need it.

Personalized Fishing Lures - Creative Gift for Fishermen

Personalized Wooden Lures

Have you ever wanted to catch fish on your personalized lure?

This is possible!
We write your name, the name of a loved person or any symbols of wish on any Realwobbler handmade painted lure.
You only need to choose your favorite lure and let us know what you would like to be on it.
It is a great idea for a personalized Christmas, Birthday, St. Valentine or Father's Day gift for a fisherman.

Lure Maintenance

Free 6-Month Warranty on Fish Skin Lures

We care best for our unique masterpieces. If any damage occurs to your skin lures, you shall notify us by sending us a picture of the lure, so that we can see what exactly the damage is. If it has been caused by ordinary use, for instance, cracking of the lacquer coat, penetration of water into the lure, then we will repair it for free during the first 6 months of use. For other damages and damages after this period, which can be repaired, a fee will be charged.

The shipping costs in both ways shall be borne by you.

Plastic Lips Exchange of Any Custom Retro Crankbait

If you accidently break the lip of any of your Realwobbler Retro Crankbaits, don't throw your lure straight away! We can replace the lip with a new one.

Applying a New Lacquer Coat

If any of your Realwobbler lures requires a new lacquer coat, just inform us and send it to us.  We will take care of it and your lure will become like a brand new one!